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its gnu to me.

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wed got a black, p380, rb10xx, ~200 down range.
started with p3at, diamondback, lcp, now p380.
kahr best trigger by far of the four.
p380 randomly fails to go into battery, slide lacks a 1/16" from going into battery.
fluffed and buffed the first time but did not solve the problem.
have now fluffed and buffed the chamber with jewlers rouge.
slide wears on the top of the chamber- buffed that too.
saturday will see if that solved the problem.
an accurate gun with hold open.
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Had the same issue with mine. It had to go back to the factory to be fixed. Don't me dumb like me and accept the answer that Kahr will not pay for return shipping. I ended up spending another $50 to send it back that I shouldn't have done. I also bought it locally, and could have had them deal with Kahr on shipping back to get it fixed. Live and learn.
They should pay shipping. Be polite but explain it's a new gun and a warranty issue, and the gun is not reliable for defensive carry. It only costs them about $26 to FedEx overnight and you would pay about $60.
Oh, I always email them and send pictures: [email protected]
If your dealer is local, you could let them work with Kahr.
Wynn :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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