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Just found one for me!

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I went by the Cabela's in Fort Worth and they just put them out this morning. I got one of two that they had. Now I just need to find ammo as all they had was defensive Magtech and Buffalo Bore +P!!! Has anybody found a decent source of ammo in the Dallas area?
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Glad to hear it! I saw one in Tyler for $579 and I will probably buy it if it is still there when I get back up there(I live in Houston). If I could ask, was Cabella's around the same price?
Sure. It was $569 at Cabela's. It seems to be a pretty reasonable price in the current market as I have seen it much higher at other shops. I had not been able to put my hands on one previously so I was not going to pass up this opportunity.
Thanks..I should have bought the one I saw but I needed to wait until after the Holidays. I am envious now!
;D I just got FMJ ammo from Cabela's for the new P380. I got the Herter's brass ammo. I will post how the ammo does hopefully after a range visit this Saturday. Timing will depend on my pregnant wife who is also due on Saturday.
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