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Just got my p380

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Hey all,

Just got my p380 yesterday and couldn't wait to shoot the thing. This morning I went out and put 50 rounds of Winchester 95 grain lead free ammo. First 25 rounds I had 3 failure to return to battery. I just had to nudge the slide forward maybe an eighth of an inch. No failure to eject or any other malfunctions. Last 25 rounds were flawless. From what I've read these rounds are probably not what this gun likes but I was pleased with the overall performance. At 7 yards I was tearing the hell out of the center of the target. I'm sure it will improve once I get used to the trigger pull. As far as breaking the gun in, what would everyone suggest ammo wise. Unfortunately, the Winchester rounds were all that were available.
Again, this is a fun little gun that is surprisingly accurate. Hopefully I can get some more ammunition for the weekend. I want to break her in and then start carrying it. Take Care.

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this is my wife's load. I picked these up at the local gun shop.
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Welcome.............and congrats on your p380. Your right WWB isn't a favorite for the gun and can be real iffy as far as reliability. Toneys suggestion of rem umc is an excellent choice, I've had good luck with mag tech, federal and corbon power ball.............try to stick to a round nose fmj for the next 100 rounds or so...........she's a sweet shooter for sure..........
As a side note, it is hard sometimes to be choosy about your ammo, and you have to take what is available. You may want to check out a couple of your local gun shops to see what they have. And when you find a good ammo, its best to buy a few extra boxes while they have it in stock................
Welcome and congrats. I also have had success with Remington UMC. Break it in and enjoy!
Thanks for the suggestions. Next week there will be a gun show nearby here in VA. I will hopefully get out there early to find some if this ammo.
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