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Update to October's Update: I visited one of my fav LGS's in search of a MK40 but found none so I peeked into their 9mm cabinet and noticed a MK9. It was tagged at $650 and more than I was willing to pay so I asked them how much would they take for it? When the owner said $475, I jumped on it. After we did the deal, I asked why he discounted the gun by $175. He said he was shutting down the business at the end of the year and was trying to...pardon the play on words...unload inventory. I'm now in the 10 day wait period and will have possession of the MK9 no later than 11/9. So why would I buy an MK9 when I have a PM9 and K9 you ask? I like the K9's feel in my hand and how well it shoots, I fully expect the smaller MK9 to be an outstanding 9mm in terms of EDC/CCW. Also, the MK9 has two mags plus original box. With my PM9 magazines, MagGuts capacity inserts and Pearch extenders, it made the impulsive decision to buy easier. The MK9 MSRP is $1000.

Knowing his guns will be discounted, I checked out his 45ACP cabinet and saw several 45's that would like to add to my EDC collection, namely alloy framed subcompacts, Kimber Ultra Compact for one. Stay tuned...
Timing is everything...nice find...sounds like you'll be loading up for yourself to enjoy an early Christmas... :)
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