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Just me? I don't get it...

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Hi...a frivolous posting I know but there's more coming. I acquired a PM9 several weeks ago at a local shop, I wasn't looking a Kahr of any caliber but stumbled across a used MA compliant PM9, put it in my hand and knew I wanted that gun. Out the door at $348 ($319,+sales tax), after a 10 day wait, I finally took possession of it but could not shoot it for a few weeks due to covid-19 range closure. Once I fired that gun, I became a Kahr believer, what a sweat, accurate shooter! Next up I knew would be a CW45 or PM45. Found a CW45 on GB (several always posted) with a starting bid of $300, no bidders, none, zero...auction expired and the seller reposted with a starting bid again of 300 bucks. This time, I bid that 300 and waited. I won the auction, not one bid but mine, she has shipped at $339 (300,+3%CC,+ shipping). Are these guns so bad that no one would even consider them but me? The fit and finish, not to mention the accuracy, of the PM9 is truly impressive so why not the same for the CW45? Every YT video I have seen on the CW45 or any Kahr model raves about the gun. What am I missing here?

I'll take possession of the CW45 in about two weeks, shipping + 10 day wait and when I do and get her to the range, I'll add a range report to this post. Meanwhile, I'll shop around for an 'officer's' magazine for that extra round, suggestions?

PM9, Hogue Sig P365 grip sleeve, Magguts +1 mag spring/follower, Pearce grip extender
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Sportsman's Warehouse has the CW45 listed at $369 so my final GB price $339 +$25(transfer fee)+sales tax ($33) = $397 is still less than their price (369+tax~405).
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I agree with spentcase...for new users nowdays the Kahrs are a bit stiff. They are still fine guns though....just not for everyone.
Many folks (since March 20) have recently purchased their first handgun ever, and as you can easily see- most gun shelves are empty. The more popular stuff is gone within a few hours after hitting the shelf.

I like my CW9 and CT380. Both are still in my rotation group.
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