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Great work on that 45. I agree with everything said before. Especially about the trigger being a main reason why the Kahrs don't sell that well. My LGS has also stopped supporting the brand. I was attracted to my CM9 because of the low weight but I love everything about it including that sweet shooting trigger. What I have noticed at the range though is that when you go through the drills no matter how good your grip and mechanics are because of the "slow" trigger and the short barrel you have to concentrate really hard to get effective shots on target. With the newer guns recoil control is easier and shooting more accurate. Your sights just come back on target faster and with less effort. So people shy away from the Kahrs. I, however, love the feel of my CM9 and CW380. If my groups are a little bigger than with some other guns as long as they stay in that combat effective zone I get to have the best of both worlds. I'll always be a Kahr fan.
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