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My first Kahr is the CW 45 I got mine for $280 with 2 extra mags.
Before this my lightest CCW was a Colt commander.

Let me start by saying I knew it was a POS from the start, however I needed a little 45acp & my friend had one & let me shoot it.
Boy was I wrong about this little pistol, it's fantastic & goes bang every time it's asked too.

I did set out to prove or break this little plastic pistol, & was pleasantly surprised how well this CW45 performed.
Bought a Sig P250 before the Kahr & it was a real POS took a year to get it to run right & I do not trust it to this day,

First range visit I had blood blisters on my right thumb from loading the mags & caught the web of my left hand twice racking the slide back. o_O
I thought Kahr must have gone nuts on spring tension & read somewhere to leave your Kahr mags loaded at all times & they will break in someday LOL.

Now I have nine 1911s from 1917 to 2011 so I do know how to load mags & rack the slide back.
After almost 900 rounds of S&B 230 gr ball & 180 gr +Ps some left over hollow points my colt's did not like, this is a hell of a machine.
The only FTF I had with her was my Nephew just pushed the mag in & did not smack the mag home, it failed to feed so I released the
mag drove it back home again & it fired all 5 remaining rounds. I trust this little 45acp with my life it has Federal 165gr hollow points
that I bought back about 10 years ago.

Get a slip on rubber hand protector I do not have the hands with callouses like I had back in my shop day the plastic grips make
the S&W cheese graters look smooth.

So does anyone know when Kahr CW45s will be back for sale at the LGS? I won't pay over $400 so this may be my only CW45.

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