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Just ordered a C&S PM9!

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Well everyone my chief finally OK's the PM9 for off duty carry (he just for a C&S himself)
So I ordered one today! I also am getting the CT laser for it.

Really looking forward to putting away the Block 26!

Any suggestions on holsters? Not a fan of the Crossbreed.
I do not carry on the ankle unless working and its a backup or deep cover only.

I have been carrying my Rohrbaugh R9S on weekends and when traveling but gonna put it away
now since its really not approved for off duty but am so used to carrying it in my Jeans pocket but
I think the Kahr is a tough too big for this :(

Anyway would LOVE to hear from others with the PM9 especially if you have the C&S (level 3 for me)
I will likely run Gold Dots unless someone has a better suggestion or knows of a problem with the GD and Kahr.
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Howdy!!! I carry iwb in a simple leather snap on holster. Joint Hand Shoulder Vertebrate Blue
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If you want a high quality all leather holster at a good price check out Kusiak holsters........Pepe is great to deal with. I run federal hst in my kahr mk9, with no problems, also try hornady cd or remington umc hp.........all should run fine in the kahr........WELCOME.......Actually the kusiak is very similar to Toneys rig, but Toney is talented and can make his own, unfortunately i am not able to .............
I like the look of the Kusiak holsters but wonder about the carry of a heavy K9. I've also been looking at the N82 Tactical. Any opinions or users if these holsters?

You might prefer the n82 as it covers the gun grip. With the extra "tactical" padding I have around me these days, it definitely helps in the comfort area. The grips always seem to want to sand down my sides anyway................
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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