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K9 clean/oil area chart and tooling aid

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I was changing the striker spring in the k9 and trying to get the damn back of slide off. %$(&#&* Instead of doing as suggested several places to put the slide lock between the spring and the back of slide to take pressure off. I quick made a little bent up jig shaped like a U. It's about 1.7 (not critical) between the legs of the U and one end rests in the round chamber and the other between the spring and the slide end. Walla it's works.
I can't find, knowing there is one, a clean and oil chart for the k9. Can somebody direct me. I have spent some time looking but no luck.

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Toney, Thanks but I've got that one but the k9 looks different, obviously. I took that one and lubed at the same places so I'm sure I'll be ok. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something unique to k9.
You will be fine, they are close enough.
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