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K9 Extra Mags

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I'm questioning myself over the purchase of extra Magazines for K9. If I used only for target shooting or classes I'm leaning toward at least two 8rd for classes and one 7rd for carry. I've heard several times the 8rd might not inject the last round of the Mag while shooting. If there is a problem then I would probably just get two or three 7rd's. I welcome info or recommendations.

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I carry a 6 rounder in my cm and a 7 in my pouch.
I've read about the extended mag giving some problems, both of mine run good.
There have been some issues as you said with the extended mags not feeding properly. What I would do is order the extended mags from a vender or kahr who will take them back. That way if you do have an issue, no loss on your part. I ordered mags from kahr for my k40 that didn't work properly, they took them back no questions asked........
Ordered two 8rd mags yesterday from Ivanhoe online store. Best price I could find and bought from them before. I would like to support Kahr but 44 vs 30?
Wow big difference there............hope they work out well for you !!!
Well, I got the two 8rd karh mags ordered from Ivanhoe. The look new and click within the grip if pushed hard. A film of lube on the outside of the SS case. I did all but fire rds thru it and they look and act new. Reason I'm citing this is both of the Kahr packages had been open and stapled shut. I wonder why? Some regulation or something maybe in shipping to them? Curious.

I'm pretty sure the two I bought at the lgs had been stapled shut.
Both of mine were heavily coated inside and outside with a nasty rancid oil.
If I remember correctly the kahr mags I bought from kahr and another online retailer, who I can't remember now, were stapled shut in their plastic pack as well......
I should have mentioned the Plastic looked like it had been pulled of it's glued joint. No big deal as long as they work and they apparently do.

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