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FYI.....I recently bought a Kahr K40, and purchased an extra 6 round mag directly from Kahr. Well the mag doesn't fit the gun, too tight going in, then doesn't want to come out without extreme force. So back to Kahr for credit. Next I order one online from another vendor, it arrives in a Kahr package. Now these were both the correct mags for the gun, listed also on the package, and are Kahr OEM mags. The second one is also too tight for the gun. What's up, the mags that came with the gun fit fine, as they should. So I go to my LGS and tried a couple of their Kahr 6 round mags, they are better but still too tight ? In the process of trying several of their stock, I tried a 5 rounder. Lo and behold it fits just like the original one that came with the gun. It is even marked the same, 40 and under it Kahr. The 6 rounders are marked 40-6 and under that Kahr !!! The only visible difference is the baseplate. The 6 rounder has a plastic flared pinky cap, and the 5 rounder just a flat metal plate. So I buy the mag and go home. When I got home I switched out the spring & baseplate from the second mag I bought online to the one I just bought at the LGS. Loaded it with 6 rounds and manually cycled the gun and it works perfectly !!! So it looks like Kahr is mislabeling their 6 round mags, at least for their K40 gun.........
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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