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Kahr CM, CW, K, M, P Series "Pocket Pistols"

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These series pistols are all 3.5 inch barrels or less. As you know they are what is considered a pocket gun, due to their slim and compact profile. My MK9 is compact but due to its steel frame and weight I cannot see carrying it pocket style. It conceals well IWB for my purposes. What do you think about these as "pocket" guns, are they truly suited for that purpose.......?
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I don't really mind the weight if the pistol doesn't flop around. Some blue Jean pockets drop halfway to your knees!!! Others are so small your grip will almost be hanging out.
I have a few pocket pistol, and will change them out for what pair of jeans I'm wearing

I have also made pocket holsters for extra big pockets

For over the last year and a half ive been pocket carrying a 24oz revolver. Electric blue Font Sleeve Personal protective equipment Pattern
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