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Kahr & Colt

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After recently acquiring my new Kahrs an MK9 & K40, they are now my main carry guns. I have come to appreciate their great DAO triggers and accuracy, as well as their compact size. Yes they are SS guns, and for my style of IWB carry the weight is not a factor. They have replaced a Colt officers 45, that was my sidearm of choice. I still enjoy shooting the Colt as I had it smithed with a trigger job, action and polish job as well. That guns slide is so smooth, it feels like it is on ball bearings. The gun is almost 30 years old, and is restored to near mint condition. Now it will serve as a range gun, as I can't bear carrying it and something happening to it. And talk about a heavy gun, this is one for sure. I thought I would post a pic.........


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Very nice!!! I think the 1911 is a must have!!! Its one of them guns I keep trying to convince myself that I don't really need, there not really all that left hand friendly. But after I swap one off all I can think about is getting another.

Wife tells me every time "if you trade this one off you ain't getting another!!!".

Ive got a cheap Ria now, my last one was to nice to take out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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