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Kahr Customer Service - Great

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I own an MK9 and a PM9 and have always had great service when I needed it. In true historic fashion Kahr came thru with great service again.

I recently purchased a K9. It was ordered, not available in the gun shop. When it arrived I was surprised to find one magazine was a seven round flush bottom and the other an eight round with extension. I was expecting two seven round magazines, for me, much better for concealed carry. I spoke with Kahr CS and they agreed to exchange the unused eight for a seven. They received the mag I sent on 12/11 and they shipped the replacement to me on 12/13.
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Couldn't ask for more!!! I really like my cm9, got rid of my other two micro 9s.
They gave me outstanding service on the two occasions I have needed it. Outstanding company.
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