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Kahr magazines

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The P380 store claims to have 6,431 Kahr p380 mags on hand, but when you go to the alternate website to actually order one, they are out of stock.
Does anyone have a line on a good deal on P380 magazines?
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Here they are for $29.99. If you wait for the weekend, they usually have a special on shipping.

Jeeze, I didn't check them, and I've done business there before. Thanks DocGlock!
Sorry for the delay...Kahr P380 mags are in stock at Midwest Tactical Supply.
Is the P380 Store going to stock the 7 round P380 mags?
Midwayusa will ship two to me for $61. Is there anywhere cheaper at the moment?
I am not sure how to make a new post. My magazines drop when I fire and others fire the P380. I am left handed but many right handed shooters have had the same thing happen. We must be depressing the magazine release when firing. The magazine drops a little and no round feeds.

Any advice on correcting this problem?
Are they clicking in for sure? Is the mag release button all the way out when you seat the mag?
Yes,they seat and I hear the click. A seated mag cannot be pulled free without pressing the mag release. I have shot over 1,000 reloads so far. New factory slide springs solved all feeding problems. It is difficult to shoot rapid fire because of the mag release being pressed.
Mine is hard to push when I'm trying. Is yours easy to push?
Mine are not hard to push in. There is a loud click. With the gun on its side, the mags come almost half way out when Ipress the release. I think I need to be more careful of my grip. The trigger finger of my left hand presses the release.
I'm talking about the mag release button being hard to push. Are you?
Mine are not hard to push in. I tried 3 different magazines and they all seated the same. My left hand index trigger finger is pressing the mag release when I fire. I will work on keeping the finger away when I fire.
Yes, mine is easy to depress. Do I needed a stronger mag release spring?
Possibly, if you want to eliminate that from the equation. Did you buy it new?
No, I bought it used. Kahr sent me new recoil springs, even though I told the I bought it used. The serial number is in the first 800 produced, I believe.
Icalled Kahr and received instructions on how to print a prepaid FedEx label. Shipped the pistol today.
I returned the P380 to Kahr using their prepaid shipping. Kahr called and said they replaced the frame. It is treated as a new pistol, so they sent it back to my selling dealer. I picked it up today. Excellent customer service.
Go shoot it and report back.
The pistol with the new frame functions well. One of my three Kahr magazines will only go half way up the grip. I will have to see what is wrong.

Kahr's customer service was excellent.
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