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Kahr MK9 Elite 03

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The Kahr MK9 I had is gone, I sold the gun and got a Kimber SS Ultra Carry II (45 ACP) instead. The little Kahr was a nice gun but the thing was just to hard to operate. The slide spring is way too hard for me or the wife to use, especially in a adrenaline spiked situation. The Kimber is easier to manipulate the slide to load a round into the chamber, plus having an exposed hammer is something I could not get used to with the Kahr. I'm just a softy for the 1911 I guess.

I added a Crimson Trace grip to it and that should be a big help in acquiring the target should the need arise, especially for the wife. I got the CTC from Pistol-Lasergrips.com (I hope it's OK for me to mention it) at a price way cheaper then everyone else on the 'net. Easily saved me about 80.00 along with super fast shipping to booth.

Now all I need to do is to take it to the range and smile!!!! (wish I could have kept the MK9 but finances would not allow that) :mad:

Added : Something I forgot to mention, the reason why I had a lot of trouble with racking the slide on the Kahr is due to the stroke I had about a year ago. It left my left arm quite a bit weaker, and that made it hard for me to work the slide, especially for cleaning.
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Too bad you had to part with the Kahr to acquire your new gun. I had to do the same in the past to fund another need / want in a weapon. There are a few I have regretted, but mostly your thoughts and needs about the various types out there evolve. I have a love for 1911s as well, and one day I may gravitate to a compact 3in lightweight. I was carrying an officers Colt, and decided to downsize and go with a DAO type gun. So I went with an MK9 and K40, the Kahr trigger is smooth and the guns shoot quite well. I always keep them loaded with a round chambered, so in a crisis situation, I just unholster, point and pull the trigger. I like the simplicity of no safety to click off and only a trigger pull to fire the weapon. At this point I'm very happy with them and don't think I will part with either, as the steel frame Kahrs are not so easily found. Plus I kept my Colt. Everyone has their own comfort level and mindset on what and how to carry. There is no right or wrong or best, it's all about what works for you. So carry with confidence and stay safe........!!!!!
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Congrats!!! Pics!!! No need to run off!!!
Congrats!!! Pics!!! No need to run off!!!
Yes by all means..........
Running off.......I did not want to run off

I'm going to try and attach pictures, haven't done much of that so please bear with me. I've uploaded pictures but how do I get them here for all to see?


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Yes, no doubt about it Kimbers are beautiful weapons. Shoot and enjoy that fine piece.......!!!!!
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