Im selling a great carry package. 2 PM40 pistols. Value is approx. $600 each. One has factory night sights snd the other has Truglo Fiber Optic Night Sights.

Atotal of 11 magazines.

2-5 round regular base pad..

2-5 round with pinky ext.

6-6 round ext.

1-7 round ext.

These magazines are going for at least $32 new.

1 Badger Concealment Kydex right side IWB holster.


1 Kydex Pocket holster $20

1 Alessi leather ankle holster runs over $150.

Talon Rubberized grips on both. $20 each

The guns shoot great, accurate, reliable and are soft shooting for their size.

They have been collecting dust in my safe and someone else should enjoy them.