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I ordered one of these holsters 2-1/2 weeks ago. It took a week and a couple of days to get it. I was using a Desantis holster for a long time. But I changed up the pants I was wearing, causing the gun grip to rub my side raw. I carry @ 330, and I'm not that thin anymore ! So I had to find another type of holster that would allow me to carry my weapon as I'm used to. Without allowing the grip to touch my side. After some research I found the Kholster Co. The leather part of the holster comes up past the grip, so it never touches my skin, problem solved. You don't hardly know the holster is there. And their Kahr model will work for all their guns except the 380. You do have to change how you grab the gun to unholster, but it works with a little practice. You can also cut the leather if you like to suit yourself (combat cut or whatever) and it will not void their lifetime warranty. He also gives a 90 day no questions asked return policy. It is of good quality and cost me $55 shipped, and that was paying an extra $10 for it to be mink oil treated, and $6 for all black leather, instead of the plain untreated tan. Otherwise it would have been $39 shipped. Not fancy or very pretty, just good quality, very functional and comfortable, for a fair price. Guitar accessory Automotive design Composite material Nut Fashion accessory
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