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knife project

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Finally started on this one Saw Motor vehicle Automotive tire Propeller Propeller
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Any thoughts on what kind of handle you are going to put on it......
I was thinking a cord wrap stabilized with epoxy.
Now that is one sharp knife! I've never seen a knife cut threw steel like your picture shows. <grin>
Wood Composite material Knife Blade Tool

Thinking about rounding the end. Tried to grind the bevel by hand on my belt sander. Think I need a jig and a differ sander!!!
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That would be the way to go, more comfortable in hand.............real nice work by the way !!!!!
Thanks!!! Yeah the corner would dig in.
Wood Tool Knife Blade Wood stain
got it rounded, got this Buffalo horn but haven't brought myself to start cutting on it. Something white would look good, will probably use hickory again.
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I like that.........either way on the grips will look great !!
That's really nice..............
Wood Publication Font Hardwood Office supplies
fixing to start another.... then ill heartreat and finally finish both.
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Wood Natural material Hardwood Wood stain Varnish
just changed it a little....
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Looks like a good sized one.......
Product Wood Font Material property Knife
started the bevel...
Yeah it my biggest so far, it is less work grinding away what I don't want.
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Wood Knife Wood stain Composite material Electric blue
got the holes drilled and done some polishing.

Its about time to put them in the fire!!!
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Looks good..........do you use like carbon steel.............
Yeah, I'm using 1095hc I ordered from Jantz
That's gunna be sweet. Are you really using a grinder to cut those out? How are you polishing them?
1 - 20 of 51 Posts
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