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Last Gun Standing

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If you could keep just one gun out of any or all you have, which would it be, and why ??
I love my Kahrs, but if it came down to just one, I would keep my 29 year old Colt officers. I have had the gun smithed and restored, it shoots and runs like a dream. I would never part with it........that would be my last gun standing !!!


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Just one would be a hard choice! !! I carry three, always!
For a carry pistol my cm9 would be it. For HD its my xdm9. Then you got to have plinking and hunting pistols!!!
And then I need more than on rifle!!!
Ron what sort of twisted maniacal wrongheaded question is that? Tis FOLLY, FOLLY I say!
Why... it can't be done. The very idea sir, one pistol.... indeed.:rolleyes:
I know it's an unimaginable thought to someone who carries, hunts, target shoots, etc. It was the old if you were on the desert island sort of thing, and could only have one of your guns. But we all know that only exists in fairy tales and...........gun forums !!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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