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Looking for a P380 Two tone w/ night sights

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Anybody know where I can find a 2-tone P380 with night sights? I've found a black one w/NS for $659. It seems harder to find the stainless paired with NS than the black one. I almost went for the black one today.......but I just really like the 2 tone. None available locally here in Arkansas, so I'll most likely have to purchase it on-line. Any help would be appreciated.
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P380's are scarce from what I see here in Fla. I saw one at a shop a couple of months ago and when I went back 2 weeks later it was gone. Haven't seen one since and I have gone to 4 different shops around here that carry Kahrs. One solution may be to grab a 2 tone if you come across one and just order a meprolight tritium front sight from Kahr, there're about $30.00. That's what I did with my Kahrs.
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Thanks. I've read that front sight acquisition might actually be better and quicker that way too. That way could save a little cash too.
Thanks. I've read that front sight acquisition might actually be better and quicker that way too. That way could save a little cash too.
That's the reality, In a self defense situation you are not going to have the time to take careful aim sighting in your intended target. You will most likely have to draw and shoot, a lot of that will be pointing and pulling the trigger on instinct. Best case in a dark scenario you may be able to pick up where the muzzle is and point and shoot. So don't worry about the rear being tritium. When I practice SD shooting at the range I only go off the front sight anyways. If I'm shooting bulls eyes then I use the rear sights. I also just raise my weapon point and shoot like in a bad situation and don't even look at the sight, just to get the instinct part familiar.
I've been searching the LGS around my area for ~ 3months, none ever show up. A couple shops have checked their distributors and there are none there either. It appears Kahr has switched over to the CW models to get more sales.
Maybe so............I do see CW & CM 9's & 40's, but I still haven't seen a CW 380 yet........!!!!!!!
Found a new P380 with night sights in FL. Price and shipping weren't terrible and it should be here tomorrow. I did contact someone at Arizona Gunrunners and he told me it would take him around 6 months to get a special order from Kahr.

I appreciate all the help guys! Thanks!
Good deal, enjoy when you get it !!!!!
New guy here with a bit of news! I have been wanting a cw380 so I sent a e mail to Kahr on May first and asked when I might be able to buy a cw 380. I got a reply within an hour and they said they were to ship in the next 30 to 60 days. That is not a lot of help but at least I found out they havn't even made it to the dealers yet.
Howdy!!!! I've been checking on th new cw and cm almost everyday. Thanks!!!
Welcome.........and I know it's hard to be patient when you want something now and there is no other choice but to wait. When you do get one, it will be worth it.....!!!!!
I started this thread and just wanted to let everybody know how much I like this gun! Due to not being able to find much 380 ammo I've only put 100 rounds through it. My only option was Winchester white box. There were a few jams, but I don't really know if it was the gun being tight or the ammo just having a pretty flat nose. I learned that my regular grip may need to be modified slightly in shooting such a small gun. The good news is that both the gun and I improved over the course of the 100 rounds.

I would advise 3 things: 1) Get a speed loader, it will save wear and tear on your fingers and thumbs. 2) Get a Hogue grip........they are pretty inexpensive and really make it nicer to handle. 3) When you can't shoot it clean, lube, and rack the slide about 50 times a day. I wish I had done this a few days prior to shooting it for the first time. I've also left the slide locked back for a few hours. I'm not sure if the latter helps, but the gun is much easier to cycle now.

My CCL is in the works now. I'm told it takes about 4 months to process now here in Arkansas. I am waiting both on that and on some 380 ammo. I have a Sticky holster for now. I'll probably also get a Nemesis and a Desantis Soft Tuck. I plan on using the Soft tuck in my car for the storage bin in the driver side door (I'm a left). I think that will work well in that I can remove the clip and still use it as a pocket holster if I need to. I really think the Nemesis will be a slightly better pocket holster than my Sticky, but the Sticky works very well and I can use it for IWB anywhere in the waistband or any pocket, front or back. Can't beat that for versatility.

BTW, I'm glad i got the night sights. That really is sweet!
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Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum. Just thought I would throw this out there. I have a two tone p380 with night sights if anyone is interested. I am a ffl holder so shipping is not a problem. Might do some trading to.
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