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Looking to start...

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reloading .223. Anyone else on here already load it? I'm trying to decide on what dies to use. Lee, Hornady, Lyman, RCBS, Redding? Should I get a 2 or 3 die set? What is necessary? What primers/powder do you prefer? Thanks!
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What are you gonna load for?
I loaded for a ar with a Lee rgb two die set, if your loading for a bolt the Lee deluxe 3-die set with the collet die.
I like the hornady dies also.

I used BL-C2 mostly, its really good for the heaver bullets.

I always buy Winchester primers if they got them
I guess that IS important information...I'm loading for AR. For fun/plinking.
A two die set is all you really need. The only bullets I crimped for were those with a cannelure. And you can roll crimp them with a bullet seater.
Sweet. I have some 55 gr Sierra HPBT's. So are the 2 die sets good for that? I have the Hornady dies in 9mm and I am very happy with those dies.
If I asked you what your favorite .223 load was for whatever purpose you chose, what would it be? Ex. Brass/bullet/powder, etc. also, would it be from a data guide or did you come up with it through trial and error? I like hearing the how and why. Lol. Good stuff.
Remington brass, Winchester primers, 27.5grs bl-c2, and a 55gr hornady #2266 SP w/c.
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I picked the bl-c2 cause it give the fastest Velocity for the 55grain bullets
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PS I worked this load up for a handy rifle.
It worked very well in the handy and one of my ars, my last ar opened up to about 2 1/2" with it. But that's still not bad for a ar.

Both deer were planted in their spot.
Awesome! Thanks. When I get going Ill give it a try.
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