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Made it to the range today with the CT-380..........

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Took my CT380 and the Sig 365-380. Mainly knocking the dust off the Kahr as I haven't fired it in a while. Also I wanted to try some Hornady Critical Defense in it.
Have a problematic mag #1- and it stumbled 3 times on Blazer Brass, but Federal A/E ran fine -3 mags full.
Then Mag #2 failed to eject first round of Hornady CD- but all the rest cycled fine.
Also Mag 2 ran Federal A/E 3 mag loads without issue.

Did some draw-shoot kinda fast at the body of the target- got mostly hits. Then took my time with head shots- did okay with that. That was all at 7 yards. Then I put up one sheet of paper at 15 yards and think I got all 7 on paper.

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What are your thoughts on the differences between the Sig and Kahr (aside from the trigger etc)?
Both very good guns. Lots of folks like Sigs- no doubt...because Sig continuously made modifications that made their guns more appealing. But Kahr has had a large following too....it's just fallen off in the past few years mainly because Kahr never made any improvements-like most other gun makers. Well- hopefully that is about to change?
I really can not compare my Kahr CT-380 to my Sig 365....there is too much difference in size. But I can compare it to my Ruger LCP Max- they are the same size- but the Ruger is over an oz lighter, holds 5 more rounds, and has a shorter trigger pull.
I guess -basically....the newer guns that Kahr is competing with are lighter, higher in capacity, and better trigger pulls.
There is nothing wrong with the "old" Kahrs- there are a lot of other guns out there in the same boat- folks today just are not buying them- they want something else. I'll stop right there- I'm just rambling.
The CT 380 is a heck of a nice pistol. Carried mine for some time, shot my own reloads for practice. Somewhere along the way I decided to only load 9mm and 45acp and sold my CT. A year or two later, when the Ruger LCP Max came out it bought one and it became my current carry. To my way of thinking, Ruger should have put a manual safety on the Max as they did on the 22 LCR (which came out first) which has an almost identical slide.

Still love the super smooth trigger of the Kahr. IF you have one, hang on to it.
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Yeah- I also have that Ruger LCP Max. Had quiet a few issues with mine- but 2 trips back home finally got it right. I carry it often.
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