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Took my CT380 and the Sig 365-380. Mainly knocking the dust off the Kahr as I haven't fired it in a while. Also I wanted to try some Hornady Critical Defense in it.
Have a problematic mag #1- and it stumbled 3 times on Blazer Brass, but Federal A/E ran fine -3 mags full.
Then Mag #2 failed to eject first round of Hornady CD- but all the rest cycled fine.
Also Mag 2 ran Federal A/E 3 mag loads without issue.

Did some draw-shoot kinda fast at the body of the target- got mostly hits. Then took my time with head shots- did okay with that. That was all at 7 yards. Then I put up one sheet of paper at 15 yards and think I got all 7 on paper.

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