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Mag-Tech Giveaway

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I have two 50-round boxes of magtech .380 95 grain that I'll probably never use. They are free to whomever wants them. Heck, I'll even pay postage.
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I will more than gladly pay your expenses. famous445
PM me your address and I'll ship them via UPS.

(Edited today) The moderators prefer that member e-mail addresses be communicated via PM. And snail mail addresses should NEVER be posted in an internet forum ESPECIALLY a gun forum. This information was deleted today for the member's protection.

I hope too you are aware that the carrier (UPS) must be apprised that you are mailing live ammunition - the box must be marked and handled in transit accordingly. 'Not to be a fly in the ointment, we just want to keep folks from getting in trouble. The Mods)
The offer to give away my magtech ammo has been taken up by another forum member. I hope that person has better luck with it than I did. I just got an e-mail today from cabelos which stated that the winchester .380 ammo they have on backorder will be shipped on 9-15.09.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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