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marlin 30Aw

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just got home with it, got a Marlin lever gun I can handle! !! I'm afraid to take my 1894 44mag out of its sock, it might get a fingerprint or even a scratch! !!
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A couple more crappy pics of my 1995 Marlin 30AW

I'm really wishing I hadn't scoped my 1894 now!!!

Think I'm gonna get a 4× and put it on the 94 and put its 3×9 on the 30aw.
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Beautiful rifle.......classic wood stock........
Thanks!! I think I made a good swap, with the ammo I almost broke even...
Had to really Jew to get the Guy to come off the ammo!!!

When I was buying the p22 I was thinkinking, this is a Walther it ought to hold its value. A couple days latter I seen used p22s for 250!!!
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My 1894 in 44mag, pulled the scope and mounted on the 30-30.
Was kinda afraid to see if the base left a mark!!!
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a 50 and 100yd group with the 30-30.
The 100yd group is 1 3/4" shooting out of a lawn chair using a shooting stick.

I'm tickled! !!!
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Great shooting
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