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MK40 Still Being Made?

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Is the MK40 still being made by Kahr? I know it’s still listed on their website, but none of the distributors seem to carry it anymore. The MK9 is out of stock everywhere, but it's listed, just out of stock. The MK40 is only listed in 1 store, but not at any distributors, and it's out of stock and only 1 version, the standard matte one, so it might just be that this particular store doesn't delete items that it doesn't carry anymore.
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I would suggest that you call Kahr with that question.
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Different reps have different levels of helpfulness and/or knowledge sometimes. Holds true no matter what we're calling about. While I've generally gotten the help I've needed there have been times when I've hung up less than completely satisfied. Sometimes through no fault of theirs.
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