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Re: MK9 barrel nicle plated?

brent375hh said:
Just picked up a MK9. Shoots great. Accurate and jam free. BUT
It surely appers that the barrel is nickle plated instead of stainless like on a P380 or PM9.

Any other MK9 owners out there?
MY PM9 barrel looks the same way, It is the quality of the steel they use in the barrel. Your barrelis made by Lothar who makes the finest match grade barrels money can buy. I have my entire barrel polished and it looks like nickel but it isn't and it won't wear either. Nice gun you have. I am not sure the P380 or the pm9 barrels are stainless. If they are I missed that part....It willnever rust on you either..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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