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More Ammo Testing Today

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What's the ballistics box problem? Do you have pis of it?
It's constructed of HDPE Plastic sheets 3/8" thick with an exo-skeleton of pvc pipe. It's just not up to the stress of the impact shock wave. I've got some ideas on how to work around the issues, but it will take some time and planning to execute. Earlier today, the box looked like this.

The first couple of .380 shots blew the glue joints out on the front of the box and pulled the pipe out of the 3 way joints. The front panel came out of the dado joints and blew back at me. It's heavy enough that it didn't get very far, but it did let all the media drain out of my box.

I met a guy today that can weld hdpe. I think he's going to be my new best friend. ;D
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You glued it and the .380 blew it apart? Wow! Do you think that if the box held up, the test would have had different results?
I don't think the results were impacted by the box since the rounds never came in contact with anything other than denim and catch media.
What is the catch media?
Too bad the box started to come apart - I'm surprised that the 380 made that much shock wave! I've read stuff about "stretch cavity" and its effect (or not) in wound ballistics - Looks like its more effective that I (and others) thought.

Great tests! I saw them also on your blog. Thanks
TominCA said:
What is the catch media?
Hyper absorbent polymer crystals. It basically gels the water so it will suspend a fired bullet and doesn't splash out of the box like water. The downside is the outward hydrostatic pressure is very rough on the containment vessel (my catch box). I'll probably end up declaring failure and just run straight sim test media if I can't get the box welded.
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