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Mosin Nagant 91/30

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Picked one up last Saturday to use in vintage military rifle matches. Built in 1932. Have drifted the front sight left as it was shooting to the right. Will try it at 100 and 200 yards early next week to verify the front sight. Got a case of ammo for it yesterday. Still looking for an Enfield or Mauser that has been rebored to 7.62X51 NATO.
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Check on Sportsmans Guide. I think that I saw something there on at least one, if not both. I think they were around $300. I'm not sure if that was member price (-10%). If you find one of those, consider joining for the year. With the stuff you get, you may get back more than the cost of the membership. When I did that, I got free shipping on the first order, $10 off that order and 5% off ammo, plus two unrestricted $10 coupons. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/pre-1898-mauser-rifles.aspx?a=532481
They "might" have your ammo, too. ???

"!!! Limited Quantities !!!

Join my Buyer's Club at checkout and
instantly SAVE up to $30.00 on these items!

Pre-1898 Mauser® 95 .308 Rifle

Pre-1898 Mauser® 95 7 mm Rifle "
$299.97 or member= -10% = @267.97 plus shipping (or not)

I get email flyers all the time and I remember seeing things like this. There was an offer for a Springfield '03, also, but a non-shooter! What a waste!

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Will wait on the 308, Want an Israeli Mauser in 308. Right now I'm looking for another MN front sight with higher sight post. It is shooting 12 inches high at 200 yards.
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