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mosin nagants

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I had a lot of fun with the nagants! At one time I was buying them for 30 bucks and the ammo for 2.
carried one in the window rack of my tow truck for years.

Hacked, ground, drilled and hammered on a few!!! nagant sporter
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I hacked on a few Mauser 8mm truck gun - Page 2
Nice work Toney.........found this review by Hickok 45. He does a nice job showing and shooting the rifle, interesting to see.
Thinks!!! I sure would like to shoot Hickoks gong.
I wanna shoot the gong too! Lol. I love my Mosin. I'm not hacking on it though. I have a 1943 91/30. Love it.
My favorite was my m38, it was my first c&r dielivered to my door. I did pick up a Russian m44 dated in the late 40s that looked unfired!!!
My 91-30 was a early hex, I hand picked it out of about twenty rifles.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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