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Most reliable SD ammo for P380

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I am a new owner of a P380 and I would like to know what you have found to be the most reliable SD ammo for your P380's?
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Tough to get SD ammo is South Florida. Bought 200 rounds of Double Tap JHP on line and fired off 100 rounds over the weekend. Perfect!

Is this the DoubleTap ammo that you spoke of?

I tried this last night and I had about 8 or 9 rounds out of a box of 50 that wouldn't completely chamber, about 3/4 of the way.
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Same stuff. Burned the whole box without a problem. Don't know what to say. Have you had any problems with other JHP rounds? My gun won't chamber Fiocchi FMJ, for example. Same problem you describe. Very weird. Sorry you are having a problem.
My Kahr P380 does not like Fiocchi period. All FTC's. :mad:
I use Corbon DPX as SD and my P380 has no problems with it.

Range ammo is tougher to deal with. I started ordering Winchester, Remington and PMC when I got my 380 in October and I expect to have 6,000+ assorted by mid-Jan and 12,000+ by Feb. Once I'm stocked up I'll just keep ordering 1000 a month.

I fire about 1000 rds a month through my G26 and want to do the same with the P380. I also just ordered a PM9 which should be here this week and I'll do the same through that. The 9mm ammo doesn't seem to be a problem right now and I've stocked up on Remington and WWB. Academy's had decent enough pricing and no shortages.
No problem withs Double Tap JHP.....but really like Speer Gold Dots.
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