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muzzle loaders

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Oiled and buttered them up today. Like to check on them every couple months.
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I really like the camo model you got there !!!!
Thanks, I drooled over it for awhile while it was on the rack at the shop. Ended up swapping a $89 yugo sks for it.

Got to get a scope for it!!! Pulled it off for a new rifle after ml season
Yeah isn't it funny when you see a gun in the shop and you are drawn to it, yet don't buy it because you don't have the cash or want to spend the money on it. Then every time you go back its still there, and you keep thinking about it. Then finally you just got to have it, so you trade in another gun that has lost its appeal or use to you. I have done that half a dozen times this past year...........
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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