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My new Kahr P380 vs other mouse guns

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Bersa 380, Beretta Tomcat .32, Kel Tec P32, Kahr P380, Ruger LCR

Kel Tec p32, Kahr p380, and Beretta Tomcat in Pocket Holsters.

Kel Tec p32, Kahr p380, and Beretta Tomcat in Pocket Holsters (rear view).

Kahr P380 ontop of Glock 23

Rear view of Kahr P380 next to Glock 23

Rear view of Kel Tec P32 vs Kahr P380

Kahr fielded stripped

New P380
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Haku said:
Rear view of Kahr P380 next to Glock 23
Which is the Glock?

Just kidding! Reminds me a little of my group. Nice to see quality pics that don't look like they're from a cell phone.
Indeed, nice photos and nice comparisons..
nice pics guys, i have a question if some one can chime in. i noticed
the plate on the back of my slide on my p380 is not flush with the slide at the top area, it looks like your pistols are the same, is this normal?

thanks everyone.
My P380 back plate panel protrudes a little also - it is flush on my PM9.
Hi, my K9 (AR11xx, kind of old) has the same protrusion but it never seemed to affect performance. The barrel was really tight, though. Cor-Bon and another brand ammo wouldn't chamber, so I only use stuff that does.
quit worry about that side panel and just go out and shoot the gun like you stole it :D
Worry about the side plate if it is significantly out of alignment and looks like it is ready to pop out - IMHO folks should get into the habit of eyeballing their P380 side plate every time they field strip and clean. There are options on how to correct either at home and at the factory - Call Kahr. They will advise the best course of action. I wouldn't let it go. Most owners will never have a problem with their side plate. A few might.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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