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my number one gun rule

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Don't touch unless I've got the money!!! Or I might just have to sale something I like to get it!!!

Yeah I've got a problem !!!
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Your preaching to the choir........I think most if not all of us here suffer from the same affliction.............it's just awful !!!!!! ;D
So what happens when rule #1 is broken............
You trade off a m29 Smith!!! Dam the pawnshop man!!! He knew when he laid the bait in my hands!!!!
And if they don't give the entire amount you need, they get it close enough so that you will cough up the remainder in cash............cause they know you really want it...........!!
oh yeah, he saw you licking your chops........
I sure glad I found a good local forum, haven't swapped one in a shop since.
Its pretty neat watching them pass through the members. Seen my springer mil-spec sale a few times.
Man that's the way to do it, the shops don't give fair value for your gun. Especially if the one their trying to sell you is priced right.....!!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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