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My P380 issues and return from Kahr

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I didn't want to hijack another persons thread so I started my own. I wrote this in that thread

Quote from: claybreaker08 on January 10, 2010, 12:57:30 PM
Just sent my P380 back for the same issue, plus numerous light strikes after 250 rounds. We'll see what they do there at Kahr Arms..... Undecided

Light strikes normally is caused by two things. One being a dirty,clogged up striker channel and the other a bad out of spec trigger bar. My bet whenyou get it back they will have replace the trigger bar...

Well I got my P380 back from Kahr last week. The work states that they replaced the slide, and the barrel. So to me it sounds like they basically replaced the whole gun, except for the polymer frame? I took it to the range today and it fired great, but I did notice that the rounds were hitting about 6-8" lower then were I was aiming. I do this sometimes with my pistols bc I anticipate recoil. So I slowed down, positioned my sights correctly, and pull the trigger super slowly until the gun went off. This is what I have been taught to do when I am shooting low, and it has always resulting in my shots coming up to where I am aiming. But today it didn't, even after 150 rounds every shot I took was in the same place......6" underneath the center. But there were in a great group!!! Anyone else have a low shooting P380?

I included some pictures, I started aiming at the top of the red center circle...and this is where they ended up. I was only at 5-7 yards so its not like I was shooting at great distance.


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I don't know if it's a technique problem or a gun problem, but here are some helpful links on shooting and target shooting diagnostics. There are many sources on the 'Net for answers to almost everything.
Try the techniques in these articles and try shooting from a rest, and have someone else try shooting it. My first few shots out of a Kahr were terrible. I shot it first at the gun store where I bought it. I went in and asked one of the guys working there to give it a try. First shot was dead center... okay, it was my problem. I was used to single-action shooting and had never done much double-action shooting except as required for my military pistol qualification.
As for the gun, if it truly shoots low, I would talk to Kahr. I got a used .45 ACP S&W 645 from a retired U.S. Border Patrol agent and it shot about 9" low at 15 or 25 yards... I don't remember which. I took the front sight off and filed the bottom of it and the base as well. Then I drilled a new mounting hole for the retainer pin and put it back together. I was afraid that I had lowered it too much because I did all of the reduction in height at once. It was pretty much right on vertically, which was great because it has windage correctable rear sights. This is an extreme adjustment or repair and not recommended. I certainly wouldn't do it on a new gun... or a really nice one like the P380, especially with the dove-tail sight mounts.
Shooting advice:
Shooting error diagnostics:
Some Glock shooting instructions that might help with the DAO trigger:
Another forum and great source is http://www.kahrtalk.com/ .

I hope that this is some help. Good shooting!
Wynn :)
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claybreaker. You mght want to see alittle more of that front sight and that will bring up your shots. 6" low at what distance??You never stated that part. I shoot alitte low with my P380, not that much but i have the xs big dot sights and I just cover the who target area and shoot away. If your groups are good and tight as you stated, just change your sight picture a tad and you should be good to go. try also just POA shooting and see what happens. as this is a gun that more than likely if you need it, your not going to see anything except that front sight, which is what you should see clearly anyhow if your shooting. POA shooting is a good practice for a defense gun. this is a 7 yard and under close up gun, practice in that range area. Get good at that distance and forget about the 15 yards stuff. My 2 cents on this YMMV.
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