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My wife has a stove pipe issue

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I purchased a CM9 a year ago October. I absolutely love it! I did a lot of research and shopping. My Criteria were (in order) 1. Size & Weight 2. Reputation & Reliability 3. Caliber. (1) I knew I wouldn't consistently carry it if it was not easily concealed and light enough not to pull my pants down. Online research shows the Kahr to be one of if not the smallest and lightest pocket pistol in its class. (2) Research also indicated a reliable well made firearm. (3) Although I carry .45 ACP in all of my full size handguns I was willing to go as low as a .380 if criteria #1 and #2 were met. I was happy to find a 9mm that fit all my needs.

I have fired about 250 rds. of FMJ and JHP without a single malfunction. My wife on the other hand cant fire more than two rounds without a class 3 stove pipe. The only thing I can think of is limp wristing, although she swears she has a firm grip. It is difficult to tell while she is shooting. I would almost have to have a slo mo camera. Any other thoughts?
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Howdy!!!! Wonder why you were blocked. I fixed it.
I would also say its a case of limp wristing. If you can and have fired over 200 rounds using different ammo and no issues feeding or ejecting, then that pretty much confirms it.........welcome !!!
Didn't know I was blocked but thanks for fixing it! Thanks for your reply ron54. I had pretty much figured the problem was limp wristing but thought Id ask anyhow.
My 24-7 ran perfect for me, let the wife shoot it and she had two smokestacks in one mag!!!

The first gun I got for her, a zantava 32 wouldnt run a mag for her without a hangup.
Toney... I guess we need to get our ladies a wrist brace! :confused:
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