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NEBO lights

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After I sold my 15-22 I was out of a night time varmit rifle for around the house.

I picked this light up from Walmart, its got 4 modes, 150lm light, laser, and strobe. Uses 3AAA batteries.

But after awhile it started switching off from bumping it or not coming on at all.

Don't know If I got a bad one, but I wouldn't buy another. Tool Office supplies Wood Writing implement Electric blue
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Huh........looks decent........maybe you did get a bad one ?????
I really think this is about a 10$ light sold for a lot more, can't remember.

After I take the cap off and check the batteries it runs fine.

The remote switch and its cord are really cheap feeling, the cord is really heavy and stiff.
PS they sell the clamp on mount Separate, its ok. Think I will get a better light for it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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