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new 45 blowback

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4.5 or 177.... wanted a real gun, but with no ammo I got this instead.
Did check around for a cm or cw here locally.
I've got a couple co2 bb guns but there not all that accurate.
Shooting this one is pretty neat!!! Its got more Trigger Air gun Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory
recoil than my p22.
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That's a nice gun.............I'm sure it's fun shooting. At least the pellets for it are available and inexpensive.
You know always before pellets really wasn't that much cheaper than 22, I always just shot 22.

Been shooting a lot of pellets lately. Got me a 1200fps springer here awhile back, it will smoke a pellet hitting a t-post at 25yards.

I got a little over 5 bricks of 22, but I feel like I'm stealing from the grandkids when I shoot some by myself.
Grandpa has to have some fun too.........
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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