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New 5.11 belt

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I'm really surprised with the results of a belt purchased yesterday. It is a 1.5" wide leather belt and to say it works well carrying my lightweight CM9 is an understatement. I normally wear a regular heavy leather belt but it doesn't come close to the comfort of the new belt. Obviously the "gun" belt is distributing the gun weight well. Of course the CM9 weighs very little but the comfort is noticeable and leads me to think I could easily carry a heavier weapon for instance a K9 which I hope to acquire sometime. Jeeze gun belts are expensive!
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A good belt makes a big different! !! I wear a Don Hume, it wasn't really all that much more than a Walmart belt.
A good belt is the most important part of your carry rig..............I'm using an extra stiff comp tac with a kydex insert. Very comfortable, good belts last for years, so its an investment !!!!!!
I did think the belt an important part of CCW and the cost drove me to put it off considering all of the other expenses incurred by becoming a responsible CC'er and hobbyist. All of these costs drives a person to purchase many necessary items. It seems as though just when I think I've seen the end it grows another $100. The latest is the consideration of a defensive shooting insurance. Just like any endeavor we undertake money is often a driver. These items could be the subject for another thread I think.
Very true.....very true.......when you first get into it you don't always realize all the other peripheral costs involved. And then the fun begins when you think that first.....then second holster is it ( only to be followed by many more ).......oh no the ammo.....the range fees...........the belt after you realize the old dockers belt won't cut it. Then the classes if you are so inclined............and don't forget that once you start buying guns, you always need another that you don't have !!!!!!
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