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Took my new CM9 to the range today for it's initial break in and testing. I had with me a sampling of every 9mm round that I had. 115 gr FMJ and several JHPs with different nose configurations, some new 124gr FMJ, and finally my 125gr lead reloads that I shoot in all of the action shoots etc at the local club using my Glock and M&P pistols.

From past experience, I didn't have much faith in the dependability of the small, chopped down guns that I have owned before, especially in the 1911 platform.

The CM9 worked perfectly with any and all of the loads that I put through it. No erratic ejection, no feeding problems, and all rounds went into the target in the center mass area. I am not going to wait until all 200 rounds have been through the gun, I am carrying it as of today.

I am really really impressed with this pistol. I have been shooting for over 40 years and currently shoot 2-3 times per week. I have had well over 100 different pistols during my life and this one is up there with the best of the best in my experience.

Just wanted to pass along some positive experiences and to say I am glad I chose the Kahr for my carry pistol.

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Welcome and congrats on the new gun...........sounds like you got a great gun. And as much as I love my 1911's for range use, I'll take my Kahrs over them for carry / self defense. I think Kahr nailed it with their compact pistols for carry, and they are even good looking guns as well.
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