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New from Charlotte

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Hey all,

I found this site just yesterday, and I was really suprised! I did a lot of googling to find a Kahr forum, and I'd only found one or two, that were really lacking in content. I settled for the Kahr section on handgunforum.net, but it was so, so slow. There were maybe 2 new posts a week.

There was a yahoo group for Kahr owners, but it was mostly inactive, all old messages.

Yesterday I started the search fresh and this site was the first result, and I am happy to have found it! The only model I am interested in from Kahr is the p380 and now there is a forum for it.

Saw someone from Gastonia on here earlier, wanted to say hey. I grew up in Belmont.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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