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New from Idaho

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I just purchased a P380 and figured I would sign up to the forum. I will later provide feedback regarding my trips to the range. My daily carry gun is a PM9 or a S&W M&P340. I carry both in FIST kydex pocket holsters. I love the thin kydex since I can heat up the material and shape to fit my thigh. These holsters barely add bulk or weight. I carry the M&P340 more since, for me, it conceals better in dress pants and deep pocket Duluth jeans. The PM9 is mostly carried when I run and cycle since the PM9 & holster fit perfectly in the pouch of my amphipod hydration waist pack. I also own full size pistols that I just started to shoot in USPSA events this year.
I purchased the P380 since there are times that it may be difficult to conceal my other guns. Also, I think it is a neat little gun and should be fun to have. It hardly takes up any room in the safe.

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