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New from Illinois

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New here from Illinois, home of crooked politicians and new to concealed carry. I have been carrying 2 months now. My name is Tony. My carry choice is a Kahr CW9 and love it. I was at my local gun shop last weekend and was surprised to find a huge sale in progress with excellant prices and noticed a Kahr CW45 at a price to low to pass up but did. Just finished building a new AR and was short on funds. (spent way too much on it) I have given a lot of thought of carrying a CW45 instead of a CW9. I'm a huge 1911 fan. My CW9 has been 100% reliable. I have had it for almost 2 years waiting for the day when we could concealed carry in Illinois. I have been lurking here for months and thought I would join in and share my thoughts and experences with other like minded folks. I am interested on others opinions of the CW45.
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Waves hello from the beautiful Oregon coast Shoota40! Hey toney, you expecting a range war carrying that extra mag? jeepers....:sad:
My back up piece is just for making a couple holes or makin them put their heads down while I run for cover...:getdown:
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