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New from Oregon

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I've been snooping around the P380 site as a guest for a few weeks until I could clear the hurdle to be accepted, today with help from the folks at Midwest Tactical! Many thanks to them, and to the P380 administrator.
I've had CWP for years, but never had a gun small enough to be convenient for constant carry. I love my P380 with night sights, and it will be a valued companion.
I'm also looking forward to getting back into shooting and reloading more consistently, this little gun promises to be lots of fun and promoting that.
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Welcome to the site from another newbie! I purchased my P380 as my first concealed carry gun last fall, and have been very pleased. With a kydex holster it even hides in pants with very shallow pockets. I have since added a couple guns to my collection but none hide as well as this one.
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