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Anyone interested in a review ?

New Holster Maker

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Hello everyone,
Just wanted to say hi to all & tell everyone about a holster maker I ran across on another forum. His name is Eric Hopp.
He made me an IWB holster for my P380w/Crimson Trace laserguard. His work is excellent, short wait times, & almost anything
under the sun as far as materails. Prices are good too. I like many of you P380 owners have struggled to find a good holster
for this little gem especially w/ the CT laser. If anyone is interested they can find him on facebook. facebook.com/HoppCustomLeathers.
He has a picture of the holster he made for me as well as many others. Hope you find this helpful.Sorry I can't post pics myself I'm
not all that savvy on the computer.

Thanks for taking time to read, God bless, warpath9809
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Yes Cokeman that is him, the holster he did for me is also pictured on his sight w/ double mag carrier.
Thanks for posting the pic for me. On the computer much past typing & I'm lost. If there is an interest
I'd gladly do a review. I did one for a holster he made for my Walther PPS on the Walther forum (PPS)
What other gun model holsters works with the CW45?

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Check out Tagua.......they are a site sponsor and they have several models that will fit your gun...........well made and not too expensive........
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