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New in Commiefornia

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Hello all. New here but not new to Kahr. Had a PM 40 which I liked but it wouldnt shoot straight. Sent it back to Kahr and their service was fantastic and quick. Sold it to go smaller with the p380 as I think it is more of what I am looking for. I am waiting for it to come out of it's 10 day jail and already eagerly looking for holster, CT laser, and ammo (like everyone else on the planet : )

Really looking forward to this and hope it is everything I think and hear it is.
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Did you just buy your p380 because they just changed the Ca handgun roster so the KP3833 is no longer legal to sell here in Ca. They may cancel your order the only legal Kahr P380 is (KP38233/KP38233N). I think they changed it on the 18th or 19th. I picked up my KP3833 on the 17th, I just made the deadline. So you may want to call your gun store. I think the Ca legal P380 comes out around June.
Do you know the differences between the KP38233/KP38233N
(California legal one) and the regular one (KP3833/KP3833N)? What about the difference in price? I guess I need to cancel my order, which is on back order anyway until the California version starts shipping. Any suggestions Or recommendations?
I am not sure about the price difference but the only difference I know about will be that the Ca model will have a magazine disconnect and a round indicator on the slide. I think thats it.
Ok. Thanks for the response. No doubt the price will increase :-[
Just received an email from Jodi De Porter at Kahr Arms. I asked her the following: "Do you know when the California version of the P380, (KP38233), will beginning shipping to dealers?"

Her response: "Plan is for late summer Aug/September.
We are performing beta tests and torture tests at this time. If all goes well we will have in production in 90 days from completion of those tests."

So for those in Commiefornia, the wait will be longer. Stay tuned for the price increase as well. Regards.
It is a bit of a clusterfark here. I was fortunate enough to avoid all of it via PPT.

My initial range session was OUTSTANDING! 150 rounds. Zero malfunctions. Incredibly tight groups. Furthest I could take it out was 15 yards. Was using a bad guy target and kept them all in the head. I love shooting this pistol. It is my new favorite & I cannot wait to take it out again.
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