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Hello to all, I live in WV and since I became disabled I decided to get me a nice hand gun for defense. Looked around and thought I would try one of the KAHR guns. So I got a CW-40 40 cal and I love the way it looks and feels but have yet to shoot it. I planned on getting my conceal carry license but since I purchased the KAHR I cant walk anymore so gave up the conceal carry idea. I haven't even got to shoot it yet due to not being able to find a shooting range in my area and not being able to walk makes things hard also. Any ideas or thoughts on this model KAHR from anyone would be greatly appreciated and thanks for letting me join this nice board.
Calvin R.
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Welcome...................and congrats on your choice of a fine weapon. Do your pre range visit prep by cleaning and lubing it on the heavy side, then rack the slide a couple hundred times.........then you will be good to go !!!! They have that smooth trigger that Kahr is known for, and are accurate shooting guns. And don't be afraid to dry fire it either, its ok to do that with a Kahr.
And last couple things..............be sure to use good quality round nose ammo, no flat nose or HP for the first 200 rounds. Be sure to have a firm grip on the weapon when shooting to avoid limp wristing. If you do these things as well as the above, you will eliminate 75% of potential issues that most have with their new Kahr............
Howdy!!! Think you should still get your ccl
Howdy!!! Think you should still get your ccl
Yes........you are still going to be out and about, with a disability...........you definitely want to be able to defend and protect yourself and or loved ones !!!!
Welcome to the forum and the Kahr world. I'm a newbie and have a cm9 and look forward to shooting it when I can.

Welcome. Get that CCL...it's your right. I don't think there's a rule that you have to stand to shoot for the CCL test. But you definitely want to shoot before you go. Lol.
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