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New Kahr owner!

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Hi! I've been wanting a P380 ever since they came out, andfinally got one. I started carrying at 21,
in 2004. My first was a Kel-Tec P3AT, then a Ruger
LCP, a S&W Bodyguard, and finally the Kahr P380. I bought the Kahr a week ago, and was a bit put-off initially. The inner slide-rails had clearly never been de-burred, and were shredding q-tips, as well as the polymer frame-rails. I did a little deburr with a tiny wire wheel, cleaned it, then took it to the range. I took a hundred rounds of Sellier&Bellot, and the gun functioned flawlessly. The little P380 surpassed my expectations in comfort, accuracy, and reliability. It is far-and-away the best I've ever carried. It is exactly what I've always wanted in a carry gun! :)
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Pretty awesome aren't they?
Yeah. It has lived up to every expectation that I had. It does seem to have a steeper feedramp though. I had a few rounds of winchester white box, but they woundn't chamber because of the flat noses. Luckily that was discovered before my range trip! I keep a lot of Sellier&Bellot ammo in other callibers, which is why I decided to stock it for the Kahr. I like to carry the same ammo that I practice with, so that I can afford to test and carry with full confidence. It is SO much better than those other autos I mentioned. The Kel-Tec wasn't always reliable, and it always bloodied my trigger-finger knuckle with the trigger-bow, because recoil was so snappy. The LCP felt excessively snappy as well, and if any ammount of pocket-lint fell down the hammer-well, it would prevent the hammer from reaching full battery and firing. The LCP was reliable for me, but I sold it to a coworker, who sent it to the factory for warranty safety repair, and when it came back it wouldn't fire, I traced it down to the end of the takedown pin rubbing on the trigger linkage on the right side of the gripframe, it became reliable again after I shaved 5though from the end of the takedown pin. The Bodyguard was perfectly reliable, but I detested the 1/4" tall sights, which made pocket-withdrawl a deliberate process, I also disliked the manual-safety on principle, and the laser was totally useless because it requied manipulation separate from the trigger. The Bodyguard was defanitely the best of the bunch on reliability, but it just felt big and heavy, with too many fussy controls. Then I finally got the Kahr! It is exactly what I would have requested if I had sat down with an engineer for a few hours. It's smaller and lighter than the Bodyguard, and has low-profile yet usable sights. The grip fits my hand better than any other pocket-auto, and feels like a much larger gun than it really is. It is reasonably snag-free, with no fussy external safeties or lasers. The trigger is AMAZING. Accuracy is more in the full-frame pistol realm. Absolutely amazing gun! I will be recomending it to all my friends who aren't too cheap. :)
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