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New Member w/ Range Report

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New P380 with CT laser. 150 rounds today. With laser, I can keep a 2 - 2 1/2 group at 21 feet after adjusting laser. With open sights I can only keep it within the 12 inch outer ring. My eyes are too old. Focusing on the front sight, the rear sight is too fuzzy for me to place the front sight in it properly.

Shooting 150 Federal American Eagle 95 Gr FMJ, I had two stove pipes, one FTF (dented the primer but FTF; fired on second usage), and 4 pre-mature slide locks. I'm hoping that is just break-in problems. Will put another 150 through it soon.

I was greatly impressed with the accuracy of this little gun (2 - 2 1/2 inch consistent grouping at 21 feet). I am looking at the BB ammo for SD. Looks like that will give me almost the same protection as my .38+P. There are times that the P380 will be easier to conceal that my S&W 340PD (with Winchester SXT 130 Gr .38+P)

Thanks for this forum. I have gleaned a lot of information in a short time from this site and from the related links sited in the comments, as well as a good source for the CT laser and a wallet holster from some of your sponsors.

PS. The WEB name/"road name" is not to be taken seriously. It is a joke because of some problems that I had crossing into Canada on my motorcycle a few years ago - "Boy, you must have looked like a real desperado". I'm about as clean-cut looking as they come and was riding a stock H-D Ultra Classic. Nobody could figure out why they gave me such a hard time, but the road name stuck
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